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A Smart Translator's Reunion, translation english french

Translation english french blog

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If you’re wondering where the mouthful of a name “A Smart Translator’s Reunion” came from: my family name is Smart, I’m a freelance translator, and I live on Reunion Island, a French overseas department in the Indian Ocean.

Here are a few reasons why I started writing this blog:

Language and translation are passions for me, and I want to share that passion with other people.
Compared to most people, I probably have a slightly different perspective on things – I’m a long-term expat (I first left the UK in 1990), I live in the southern hemisphere on a remote island surrounded by people who don’t speak my native language, I’ve travelled enormously, and I also lived in the Far East for three years.
I often share interesting articles and information on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, but the nature of these social networks means that information has a tendency to be lost in the mass. With my blog I’d like to spend longer on subjects I find really interesting.
As a translator I feel it’s important to practise and use my own writing skills. How can I translate into articulate English if I can’t write coherently myself?
Writing articles will force me to keep on learning and being curious (I know this from my experience with my other blog!).
I’m really looking forward to interacting with readers and getting feedback.
Branding & marketing: I’d be fibbing if I didn’t admit that I hope this blog will help me make myself known to a wider public of clients and colleagues.

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