Gondwana Explorer, Travel Agencies in Madagascar

Gondwana Explorer, Travel Agencies in Madagascar

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Voyages Bourdon’s thirty year history, experience and dynamism led the company to becoming one of the most important Travel Agencies in Madagascar. Committed and dedicated to developing Madagascar as a travel destination, Voyages Bourdon shifted from its ticketing-only stand, a shift to a much more rounded aspect of travel, tourism.
Years after the start of the Tourism department, a need for change was felt within the company, a fundamental change that meant more involvement in the future of the natural heritage Madagascar possesses. This led thus to the creation of Gondwana Explorer in 2005. An answer to the need for Responsible Traveling, and the creation of not-so classical or resort orientated circuits was the motto of the day.
The ambition of this new structure would be to develop Adventure Travels within the country and to respond to the call for the development of travels to all of the Gondwana Plains; from us in the Indian Ocean through to Australia and the African Continent.
Madagascar as a destination has for way too long been perceived as limited to classic and resort tourism. Changing this misconception of the Red island thus became a goal, objective and mission for our team. We set out to innovate Adventure Travel to Madagascar, and promote the exploration of the rest of the Gondwana in the same manner.
In the past four years since the creation of the label, Gondwana Explorer has organized expeditions throughout Madagascar; rafting down the Manambolo River, or sailing and camping along the North West coast.
We have been seeking to mature into a structure that encourages and promotes travels and travelers to Madagascar who understand and are in tune with our principle of sharing riches and not spoiling them.

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